Maryland Solves Global Warming, Destroys Jobs

By February 23, 2008Global Warming

More follow-up on Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley’s endorsement of anti-C02 legislation, a reaction from the western part of the state, an executive with the Luke Paper Mill, which employs about 950 people.

Gary Curtis, vice president for Luke operations, said, “SB 309 is a local attempt at fixing a global issue. NewPage Corp. urges Maryland to support the federal government’s efforts to address climate issues and increase our country’s understanding of this very complex issue before states individually implement global climate regulations.”

He said placing additional burdens on U.S. manufacturers on a state-by-state basis will have little effect on global climate change and will only result in the loss of U.S. manufacturing jobs.

“More and more of this manufacturing will be moved overseas in countries where there are few, if any, environmental regulations,” Curtis said.

He added that the net effect of this phenomenon will be more, not less, global greenhouse gas emissions.

“We ask that our leaders in Maryland support only those environmental regulations which are balanced in helping to retain the manufacturing base in our state,” he said. “Forcing these good-paying manufacturing jobs overseas is a detriment to our economy and will only exacerbate, not solve, the global warming issue.”

Company officials with the mill’s owners, New Page, visited the facility recently.

LUKE – When NewPage’s senior management team visited the Luke mill, it announced a commitment of $20 million for projects at the local mill next year, Tom Caldwell, president of United Steelworkers Local 676, said.

“That made us feel a lot more secure,” he said.

And then legislators and the governor introduced insecurity.

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