Maryland: Adding Regulations on top of Taxes

By February 19, 2008Global Warming, Taxation

The central…one of the central….one of the MANY central flaws in the carbon-dioxide-repression scheme being embraced by Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley (see below) is that a state is in no position to regulate a global phenomenon. People and capital are mobile, and both will flee the onerous regulations and costs that Maryland would impose in its effort to combat a perceived global warming. (Meanwhile, China is said to build a new coal-powered generation facility every week.)

Maryland’s state government already works hard to make the state less inviting to jobs-creating investment. A recent study by Arthur Laffer and Stephen Moore, “Rich States, Poor States,” placed Maryland as 32nd among states in its economic outlook, based largely on its anti-competitive tax structure. And that was BEFORE the increase in the state sales tax and corporate income tax (among others). Does Maryland want to send ALL its manufacturers and electricity consumers to Virginia or Delaware …or overseas?

The Maryland Chamber of Commerce opposes the legislation that O’Malley has now endorsed. The Chamber reports:

Maryland’s man-made GHG emissions comprise approximately 1.5% of the United States’ emissions and a very small percentage of the world’s total emissions. Since GHG emissions disperse globally and Maryland’s emissions are a very small percentage of the total global problem, this issue needs to be addressed on a national level in concert with international efforts.

It is impossible for a small state, such as Maryland to achieve a reduction goal as large as the 25% by 2020, and 90% by 2050 (the strongest mandate in the country). This legislation is counterproductinve, and would make it extremely difficult for businesses to survive. It is probable that if enacted this legislation would force businesses out of Maryland, and possibly out of the United States, which would place an even bigger burden on the state and federal economies, respectfully.

A truly foolhardy proposal.

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  • Johnnie Miller says:

    You guys asked for it and you’ve got it.

    I have a Factory Closing list for the Delmarva Peninsula. You’ll die when you see this.

    I can personally take you to everyone of the former business locations.

    Testimony before 2006 Maryland General Assembly

    Area Plant Closings – (Free Enterprise)
    Wicomico, Worcester, Somerset, & Dorchester Counties


    1. Sealy Upholstery Co. Unknown – (Best Estimate

    2. Field Container Corp. Unknown – (Best Estimate

    3. Dresser Industries 500 – 600 -(Facility moved to
    Austin, Texas
    At height of business it em-
    ployed over 1000 employees.

    4. Shawnee Homes Unknown – (Best guestimate

    5. Salisbury Engineering Moved entire operation to
    State of Delaware

    6. Heinemann Electric Unknown, Northwood
    Industrial Park.

    7. Moore Business Forms 148 – Shutdown 07-27-94,
    Snowhill, Maryland

    8. Campbell Soup – Salisbury, MD 604 Employees in Salisbury

    9. Campbell Soup – Swanson Division
    Pocomoke, MD 245 Employees

    10. Campbell Soup – Mrs. Paul’s Kitchen
    Crisfield, MD 200 Employees

    11. Montgomery Wards 110 Employees
    Salisbury, MD

    12. Gant Shirt Factory 250 Employees

    13. Jodi Shirt Co. 100 Employees

    14. Delmar Sportswear 90 Employees

    15. Ford Laboratory 70 Employees
    Salisbury, MD

    16. Grumman Corp, Salisbury, MD 401 – Employed 523 at
    Height of production.

    17. Peninsula Press, Salisbury, MD 45 – Employees

    18. Preston Trucking Co., Preston, MD Unknown, filed for
    Bankruptcy Protection

    19. Chesapeake Bay Plywood Corp. 500 Employees – Plywood
    Pocomoke City, MD. Plant shutdown

    20. Ruddy Duck 100 Employees
    Cambridge, Maryand

    21. Airpax Industries 500 – (Best guestimate)
    Cambridge, Maryland At height of production it
    employed almost 1500
    workers. Moved lighting
    division to Matamoras,

    22. Service Merchandise 75 Employees
    Mt. Hermon Road
    Salisbury, MD

    23. Purity Bacon Unknown, South Division
    Salisbury, MD.

    24. E.S. Adkins & Co. Unknown, North
    Salisbury Blvd, Salisbury

    25. Masten Home Center Unknown, Rt. 13, South
    Salisbury Blvd.

    26. IMS ( 40-50 Employees – WBOC
    reporting – (Old Campbell’s
    Soup Bldg at Lake Street)

    27. Powellville Garment Factory Closure announced 02/01
    100 – (Best guestimate)-
    Located in Powellville, MD.

    28. Food Depot
    Old Salisbury Mall, Salisbury, MD Unknown – Old Salisbury
    Mall building.

    29. Crown, Cork & Seal Unknown, Announced plant
    Fruitland, MD closure 01-14-02

    30. Central Tractor
    Rt.13, Fruitland, MD Unknown, Announced
    closure 01-14-02

    31. Ames Unknown, Announced
    Rt. 50 & Tilghman Road Closure 11-14-01
    Salisbury, Maryland

    32. Nanticoke Homes, Greewood, DE Unknown, Announced
    closure 07-02

    33. Stoney Point Decoy Factory 35-40 Employees at peak,
    Crisfield, MD. Daily Times reporting J.
    Cording – Announced
    closure 04-19-03.

    34. Tyson Foods, Berlin, MD. Facility 600 Employees –
    Announced closure

    35. Black & Decker, Easton, MD 1400 Employees –
    Announced closure
    04-29-03. Moving plant to
    Brazil & Mexico
    (Daily Times reporter
    John Vandiver 04-29-03)

    36. Pine Country Corp., Pocomoke, MD 35 Employees (Daily Times
    reported 10-26-03)
    Operations ceased 09/03.

    37. Chesapeake Hardwood Mill Operations ceased spring
    Peggy Neck Road, Princess
    Anne, MD.
    2002, 40 Employees
    Alan Parker, Plant Manager

    38. Salisbury Steel Products Inc. 909 Boundary St., Salisbury
    MD. Operations ceased
    08-03. 35 Employees
    Per C.J. Townsend

    39. US Air Salisbury Airport, filed
    for Bankruptcy protection;
    Reorganization in process;
    Abandoned flights to BWI.

    40. True Value Hardware Announced closure of
    Isabella Street location,
    Salisbury, MD. 03-04.
    No. Employees Unknown

    41. Office Max Salisbury, MD. Announced
    closure February 2004

    42. Helovet Pharma Northwood Industrial Park
    No. Employees Unknown
    Announced closure Salisbury
    location March 2005

    43. Giant Food, N. Salisbury Blvd. 75 Displaced workers,
    Salisbury, MD. Announced closure 10-22-06

    44. Super Deep Discount Drugs Located across from Giant’s
    South Salisbury Blvd. location,
    Announced shutdown 10-22-06
    Displaced employees unknown

    45. JV Wells, Inc., Sharptown, MD. Employed over 100
    Largest Maryland Timber

    46. Nanticoke Seafood It was owned by Booth
    Fisheries, Rich Sea Pak
    And most recently by Cape
    May Canners who moved it to
    New Jersey

    47. Islandic Seafood, Cambridge Md. Dorchester’s largest
    remaining employer.
    The Daily Times reported
    300 layoffs March 30, 2007,
    and an additional 122 that are
    to be laid off by end of 2007.

    48. Brunswick – Bayliner/Maxum One of Wicomico’s largest
    remaining employers
    announced closure on 07/2/07
    The Daily Times reported 180
    Layoffs July 4, 2007.
    Spurred by tax incentives from
    North Carolina contributed to
    Decision to move plant.

    49. Americhem Inc. Marvel Road facility,
    Northwood Industrial Park
    Announced closure on
    10-23-07. The Daily Times
    reported 30 layoffs possibly
    45 displacements

    List provided by Johnnie Miller

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