Journalistic Hagiography

A $20 admission fee for the Newseum? (Just a ways down Pennsylvania Avenue from the NAM.) This is very disappointing.

Of all the slow-moving targets that bleed profusely when you hit them, can there be a fatter, slower, juicier bull’s-eye to sight your scope on than the $450 million Newseum, the four-years-in-the-building, seven-story, steel-and-glass monument to journalistic vanity just a nine iron away from Washington, D.C.’s National Mall?

And a three-level Wolfgang Puck restaurant? With innovative cuisine? Oh, how far they’ve come, these ink-stained wretches.

Imagine what reporters and opiners would say if, for example, a chemical, energy, or widget/gadget manufacturing company built their own, similar kind of shrine near the National Mall. They’d get creamed.

Addendum: The Newseum’s daily selection of front pages from around the world is really great. But that’s online.

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