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By February 20, 2008Global Warming

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

In his quest to make San Francisco the greenest city in the nation, Mayor Gavin Newsom recently created a $160,000-a-year job for a senior aide and gave him the ambitious-sounding title of director of climate protection initiatives…[snip] [The] new climate protection initiatives director is just the latest person to join the city payroll in the name of tackling global climate woes, raising questions about whether environmentalism is becoming the latest excuse for a bloating government payroll.

San Francisco has at least two dozen other city employees already working directly on climate issues at a cost to taxpayers of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Elsewhere in California, the attorney general has an expansive — and expensive — view of his office’s duties.

SACRAMENTO – Attorney General Jerry Brown is taking the global warming enlightenment skills he honed in the Bay Area across the rest of California today – a move that even supporters such as San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed said will meet resistance.

Monday, Brown’s aides told MediaNews he will announce he is convening voluntary regional schools for California’s more than 500 county supervisors and mayors to advocate tough actions such new transportation impact fees and costly energy-efficiency.

California’s government is the enlightened model of environmental leadership that must be taken nationwide. Whether the taxpayers like it or not.

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  • jerry brown says:

    You guys never get it right. The meetings with local officials are aimed at low cost ways of accounting for and mitigating green house gasses. No fees are proposed. Instead, we will examine ways of dealing with AB 32 in the most thoughtful and effective manner. Don’t put your head in the sand!

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