From South Dakota, A Good View of Manufacturing

By February 14, 2008General

National Association of Manufacturers’ President John Engler was in Pierre, S.D., this week to address the South Dakota Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and he had an opportunity to visit with Gov. Mike Rounds and tour the (very lovely) Capitol.

From the Capital Journal:

I think South Dakota is strong, with a small base of manufacturing that continues to grow in a robust fashion,” Engler said. “It’s certainly has aided South Dakota to have a strong business climate.”

Engler, a former three-term governor of Michigan, said South Dakota has a good problem since the state has a low unemployment rate. However, jobs available have become very competitive — something that educators have a chance to address, he said.

“Employers need skilled people in a lot of different areas,” Engler said. “But, it’s a great opportunity for schools, technical schools and universities to make sure they can help deliver that workforce.”

In his remarks at the Chamber dinner, Engler commented on South Dakota’s tax structure being a strong competitive advantage. A recent study by the American Legislative Exchange Council, “Rich States, Poor States,” ranked South Dakota as having the nation’s third best economic outlook, thank in large part to its tax structure (notably, no corporate or personal ncome tax).

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