Friday Follies: Weezer and the Muppets

By February 15, 2008Friday Follies

Dug a dry hole in the search for a Friday Follies video, but decided to keep fishin’ anyway, and found Rivers Cuomo’s latest video from his new CD of sonic flotsam, “Alone: The Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo.” Trouble is, the video, “Blastoff,” is just odd, family movies from his wife’s Japan plus a vocoder.

So back to an old favorite, “Keep Fishin’,” as Weezer appears on The Muppets Show (reincarnated). Another brilliantly conceived and humorous video…and the Swedish Chef!

If you’re new to Weezer videos, start with Buddy Holly and check out Perfect Situation — a 3 minute “Star is Born,” with Rivers in the Judy Garland role. That’s Elisha Cuthbert as James Mason. You know, Kim Bauer, still whining.

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