Friday Follies: The Year of the Rat

By February 8, 2008General

We looked for rat humor in honor of the new Year of the Rat, but failed. OK, Ratatouille is amusing enough, and this travelogue selection of humorous Japanese rat items is interesting, but still…

So it’s Steamboat Willie, the first sound cartoon and the beginning of Mickey Mouse’s long career. Because everyone should watch Steamboat Willie at some point — and it’s the 80th anniversary of this short.

Besides, that’s obviously the Yangtze River he’s traveling along.

And for a bonus (i.e., gratuitous) musical link, we offer a bit of “Return of the Rat” by the great Portland new wave band, The Wipers. That’s Greg Sage on guitar, from 1978 — the Year of the Horse.

P.S. Return of the Rat, covered by Nirvana.

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