Friday Follies: Anchorman 300

By February 29, 2008Friday Follies

The movie “300” must have produced more mash-ups, video satires and tributes than any film since “Star Wars.” Every week we happen upon a new one.

This week it’s “Anchorman 300,” using scenes from the Will Ferrell comedy with the soundtrack from the “300” theater preview. And darn it if it doesn’t work. Thank goodness for that street fightin’ scene.

And from “300” to 3000, Andre 3000, that is, we have a link to the preview for Ferrell’s latest, a basketball epic, “Semi-Pro.” Andre 3000 of Outkast costars.

Finally, and again, The Fall doing Sparta FC,this time live at Leeds. As the band would say, “Hey!”

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