FISA Updated: Authority Extended 15 Days

By February 1, 2008Briefly Legal, Communications

President Bush on Thursday signed into law H.R. 5104, a 15-day extension of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act authority that allows and prescribes the monitoring of foreign intelligence.

The Jurist has a good summary of links. Jed Babbin quotes Sen. Kit Bond (R-MO) of the Senate Intelligence Committee:

First, we gave the Democrats six months to pass a long-term bill and now an extra two-weeks. How long will it take Congress to get serious about national security? Senator Rockefeller and I have been working diligently to find an agreement that can work. Unfortunately, some of the most liberal opponents of this bill are listening to Moveon.Org and the ACLU and are unwilling to compromise so we can move forward.

The Heritage Foundation has a piece, “Why Immunity is Necessary for FISA Reform.” Heritage states, and we agree, “Congress moves way too slow to be micromanaging foreign intelligence gathering techniques.”

UPDATE (12:15 p.m.) Heritage had more on the issue this morning, a hard-hitting summary of the state of play.

And a very effective video message from Senator Bond.

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  • Paul Dirks says:

    First, we gave the Democrats six months to pass a long-term bill and now an extra two-weeks

    The administration, on the other hand had a full six years to address this but they chose to violate the law instead. Now they want the fact that they’ve been in violation of existing law to disappear into the ether and they apparently have plenty of accomplices willing to help them do it.

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