FISA Bill, S. 2248, Passes 68-29

By February 12, 2008Briefly Legal, Communications

A strong, bipartisan majority to pass S. 2248, allowing the legitimate use of foreign surveillance to protect Americans from being killed by terrorists. Senators of both parties also voted for retroactive immunity for telecommunications companies that took their obligations as corporate citizens seriously, assisting in proper, legal intelligence gathering.

Congratulations to Senator Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) and Senator Kit Bond (R-MO) for their leadership in accomplishing this legislation. May the House follow suit.

UPDATE (6:20 p.m.): Reuters calls it a “largely party-line vote.” What?

UPDATE (6:30 p.m.) More at (thank you for the link). Ed Morrissey comments at Captain’s Quarters.

Telecom immunity should have never taken this long to approve. The immunity covers companies who received assurances from the Department of Justice that their cooperation broke no laws, and they cooperated to help defend the US from attack. Their reward for trust and assistance should not be billion-dollar class-action lawsuits, which would have been nothing more than a back-door attempt to kneecap intelligence operations that kept this nation safe for more than six years after 9/11.

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  • Faye says:

    How naive you who support this bill. The original FISA bill had provisions to allow wiretapping to begin immediately then take the information to a secret panel to get the needed court order.

    You have bought the Bush line of protecting the people from harm when in fact he was shielding himself and those phone companies who broke the law to spy on Americans not terrorists. How strange that the country stayed safe for years prior to this administration taking over and managed to do so without breaking the laws of our Constitution.

    When the question of wiretapping first surfaced Bush reiterated when we’re talking about wiretapping you need a court order then when caught it changed to we need to act fast to protect the people. Wake up!!!!!! This is no more than covering their backsides in the guise of protecting the people. What hogwash.

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