First Campaign: From the Author

By February 14, 2008Technology

Garrett Graff, author of “The First Campaign,” was on “America’s Business with Mike Hambick” last week — available here — talking about the intersection of technology (or more specifically, technological change), policy and politics. Graff comments today on his blog:

My relationship with NAM was one of the more interesting twists of the book: While ideologically we don’t agree on much, one of my best sources/idea-bouncer-offers in writing “The First Campaign” was Pat Cleary, who at the time headed up communications at NAM. We found that we agreed on a ton of issues regarding trade, the economy, education, and even health care. I ended up featuring the story of Tony Raimondo, a member of NAM’s board of directors, quite prominently in the book. American business has a lot in common with the progressive left on many of the First Campaign issues and it’ll be interesting to see whether a thoughtful Democrat nominee can reach across the aisle and build some support in the business community. NAM, by the way, has an excellent blog that covers many of the First Campaign issues:

And thank you for the kind comment.

Interestingly enough, the intersection mentioned above is getting even more crowded as Raimondo is running as a Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate in Nebraska. We don’t plan to cover the race here (suspecting there’s some free speech regulator just waiting to crack down), but it will be very informative to see how the issues discussed in “The First Campaign” play out when a manufacturer is the candidate.

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