EPA Smog Plan Upsets Tennessee Officials

By February 27, 2008Global Warming

Officials in East Tennessee are proud the region is expected to come into compliance with the Environmental Protection Agency’s current smog standard by early next year. It took a lot of hard work, including installing power plant scrubbers.

Then they found out EPA is about to issue a tougher ozone rule in March that critics contend is probably unattainable in most of the country and wouldn’t improve public health. Plus, it could cause economic hardship and job losses as communities grapple to enact regulations to meet the new standard.

Here’s what Lynne Liddington, director of air quality management for Tennessee’s Knox County, had to say about the new rule in today’s Knoxville News Sentinel.

“They are coming in with a whole new standard before we have had sufficient time to meet this one. That’s like saying I plan to lose 20 pounds, and I lost 12, and now you tell me that I need to lose 30.”

Tennessee officials said EPA should let communities meet the current smog standard and then decide whether the bar should be raised. Officials project 53 of Tennessee’s 95 counties could be in violation under the new rule.

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