Dictating Patriotism

By February 14, 2008General

Although the chief sponsor of S. 1945, the Patriot Employers Act, also known as the Patriot Corporation Act, Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) did not mention the legislation once during his remarks yesterday at the Economic Policy Institute’s Shared Prosperity Forum.

Shame, really. We would have liked to hear how following a set of government dictates about business practices, wages and benefits, labor-management relations and investment plans should qualify a company as a “Patriot Corporation,” eligible for income tax breaks. And it would have been very interesting to hear Sen. Brown’s thoughts about designating a company a “Not a Patriot Corporation.”

The association of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama with the Patriot Corporation concept — Obama is a cosponsor — has certainly brought the legislation more attention. Here’s a column at the widely read Hot Air blog about Sen. Obama pressuring the CEO of Tesco to build grocery stores in certain neighborhoods. The author observes:

While I’m sure that politicians routinely lean on corporations to change their behavior, few politicians are co-sponsoring a bill that would legally designate corporations as either patriotic or not patriotic based on whether their practices met with liberal approval or not, and would deal with those companies differently based on their patriot status.

Yes, we’ll be hearing more about this.

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