Colombians Want Peace, Prosperity and Freedom

By February 4, 2008Trade

From Bloomberg:

Millions of Colombians dressed in white marched throughout the country and in major cities worldwide today to express outrage at 40 years of violence and kidnapping by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia.

Meanwhile, The Observer reports that Colombia’s Marxist guerillas are able to move cocaine out of the country with the assistance of the Venezuelan armed forces, given full support by the communist caudillo, Hugo Chavez.

This is the geopolitical background that should inform every member of Congress as a vote nears on the U.S.-Colombia Free Trade Agreement. In addition to expanding export opportunities for U.S. manufacturers and agricultural interests, a trade agreement will be a powerful force for freedom, a repudiation of FARC and Chavez.

Opponents should look at the photos of the millions of Colombians marching today and ask themselves, “Should we really be telling them just to go to hell?”

(Hat tip: Glenn Reynolds, who observes, “If they were protesting Bush, or global warming, it would lead tonight’s network news. . . .”)

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  • NikFromNYC says:

    Shut up. This is how fall guy Oliver of the North financed a whole war, back when Bonzo’s Owner was the know-nothing leader of the Free World. That was a good war. We need UNTAXED, UNTRACED INCOME FOR *OUR* MILITARY, ever since who was it “nuke us now!!!” JFK outlawed the CIA’s untraceable assassination mandate. Legalize drugs? Make them LESS available to consumers? No no. Stop exterminating the black race by putting 1/3 of their male population in jail? Stop…WAR?! How do you think we rose from the deserts of the Middle East, us Westerners who played roles in Westerns? By getting lots of booty, that’s how! Entire countries full, even continents…like…uh…hate to mention it…South America.

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