Claiming Public Interest, Really Special Interest

By February 21, 2008Briefly Legal

Dan Popeo, chairman of the Washington Legal Foundation, surveys the political climate and sees too many populist politicians making common cause with the trial lawyers — a toxic combination of special interests. But the reality is, America cannot regulate and sue its way to economic success. From The Examiner:

Recklessly smearing free enterprise and labeling businesses as “special interests” may fill politicians’ and activists’ coffers, but such tactics deeply fail all hard-working Americans. Empty words and an oppressive regulatory climate will not solve any of the pressing problems facing the U.S. economy.

They do, however, strip away economic rights and our confidence in free enterprise, two key factors that must continue to provide America with an edge in the brutally competitive international market.

If those who claim to represent the public interest act so harshly toward successful companies, why would anyone want to invest in America’s future or create a new business?

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