At the Chicago Auto Show: Tschotkes

By February 7, 2008General

PressKits.jpgWaiting for the much-anticipated premiere of the Dodge Challenger, our host at the Chicago Auto Show had a word of advice. “Make sure to get the media kit. They’re very cool, designed like a tool box. You can bet they’ll be on sale on E-Bay tomorrow for $100.” So we checked: Just about $100.

It’s hardly a surprise at a trade show, but the media got inundated with lots of promotional materials and espressos at the Chicago Auto Show, designed to put good information and good will into the hands of the information purveyors. Clearly the big breakthrough in media kits — 10 years ago? — was the ability to reproduce DVDs cheaply; pretty much every package we saw had one. The promotional purpose remains the same as in these 1955 Chevrolet promo films, but they’re much easier to distribute.

An even newer and hipper way to spread the word is the flash drive, in the most prominent example we saw, a metallic drive handed out with the press kit for the GM’s Denali XT hybrid, as Business Week described it, “a muscular, sedan with a pickup bed.” Install it and run the interactive media kit. Specs and more. (Cool vehicle. Brought back memories of riding in the back of the family El Camino. Suppose that’s against the law now.)

And, wow. 512 MB handed out as a promotional freebie. We still regret the absence of the spokesmodels, but cheap computer memory …very nice.

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