Another $54 Million Lawsuit? Maybe It’s Satire

By February 14, 2008Briefly Legal

Washington, D.C., resident Raelyn Campbell sues Best Buy for $54 million for losing her computer and then jerking her around. The DCist blog notes the numerical resemblance to the lawsuit filed by former D.C. Administrative Judge Roy Pearson and reaches the reasonable conclusion that Campbell chose the figure for PR value — she is, after all, blogging on the experience. DCist ponders:

People were outraged over Roy Pearson’s lawsuit against a small, family-run business over a pair of pants – but we’re curious to see what the reaction to Campbell’s suit, for the exact same amount, against a giant corporation over a personal computer, will be.

Obviously her pursuit of Best Buy — even if the company behaved badly — won’t drive the company out of business, like Pearson’s suit against the Chungs threatened to (and actually led to the closing of several dry-cleaning outlets). And goodness knows, we understand be driven to distraction by bad service.

But on the other hand, if she’s inflating her demands to such a ridiculous figure for (self-)promotional purposes, then if not frivolous, the grandstanding is still outrageous. The more time the court spends on her litigation after Best Buy made a serious settlement offer, the more taxpayer money the judicial system spends and the more economic resources are wasted on unproductive uses.


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