A Stand-Up Manufacturer and the President

By February 18, 2008General

Wright%20Mfg.jpgGood, informative feature story in today’s Washington Post on Bill Wright and Wright Manufacturing of Frederick, Maryland. President Bush visited the company last month for a quick tour and to make remarks about the need for business investment incentives in the economic stimulus package. From the Post:

Wright started the company more than 20 years ago, originally as a lawn-care business. The company has incorporated manufacturing principles that reduce waste, and it has taken on the likes of John Deere with an innovative product — the stand-up mower — that has changed the way people cut grass.

Stand-up mowing gets to more places than a sit-down mower without having to walk miles and miles a day. Also, it’s sorta fun. Wright has sold upward of 40,000 stand-up mowers, which range from $5,000 to $9,000. Bush seemed smitten by all these facts, which lined up well with his desire to give breaks to people like Wright so they can, theoretically, buy more equipment, expand their businesses faster, hire more people, and jump-start the economy. Turn on the klieg lights. Press record.

Wright attended the White House signing ceremony for the stimulus bill on February 13. He confirms that the incentives will encourage his company’s purchase of more equipment.

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