$54 Million or Fight? Bah

By February 17, 2008Briefly Legal

Raelyn Campbell’s $54 million legal suit against Best Buy for losing her computer and giving her the runaround is getting a bit more attention in the media. Obviously, an electronics retailer is less viscerally sympathetic than a couple of striving drycleaners who immigrated from South Korea, but still…her grandstanding demand (she was on NBC’s Today Show) is abusive, costly to taxpayers and …stupid. That’s a good description. Stupid.

Following in arguments he made when Roy Pearson sued the Chungs for $54 million, Sherman Joyce, president of the American Tort Reform Association, has written the D.C. City Council urging reform of the city’s Consumer Protection and Procedures Act — the statutory basis for the lawsuits. Specifically, he calls for reforms that would:

  • Provide that consumers can recover their actual losses as well as reasonable attorneys fees, not an arbitrary and excessive $1,500 per violation regardless of their injury, except in cases when it can be shown that a defendant’s actions were knowingly and willfully fraudulent or deceptive, and
  • Permit only those consumers who experienced a loss because they actually relied on a fraudulent or deceptive advertisement or representation to bring a lawsuit, not those who vaguely claim harm to others or the general public.
  • Perhaps the council members would deign a response?

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