When They Choose Not to Join

By January 22, 2008Labor Unions

From the Cincinnati Enquirer:

The United Auto Workers have 576,000 members. Brian Howard has a friend named Marv.

The UAW collects almost $200 million a year in dues. Howard pays for his “NoUAW” Web site out of his own pocket.

The UAW has $1.2 billion in assets. Howard has a new home in Williamstown, Ky., and a 7-year-old car with 166,000 miles on it.

It’s a Camry, of course, because that’s what he builds at the Toyota plant in Georgetown, Ky., where UAW officials have been trying to wedge a foot in the door for 20 years.

“The media tries to portray it like it’s big, bad Toyota preventing the union,” Howard said after he finished a shift painting cars last week. “No, it’s people like me.”

And co-worker Marvin Robbins:

Robbins and Howard have been mocked and threatened on the union’s Web site. But they have raised money for a billboard and newspaper ad because a lot of what the UAW says “is just not true,” Howard says.

“If we provide these (Toyota) team members with factual information, they will make the right decision,” he said.

“The majority are sick of the harassment,” Robbins said. “You would think the UAW would get the message after 20 years, but they are so desperate for membership they continue to show up where they are clearly not wanted or needed.”

An earlier story about the Truth Finders, pushing back against the fact-challenged union organizing.

Fact-challenged. That’s a euphemism.

Check out the NOuaw site at www.NOuaw.com.

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