Vodcast: Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA)

By January 11, 2008America's Business, Energy

This week’s video podcast of “America’s Business with Mike Hambrick” highlights energy issues in an interview with Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA). Landrieu is a vocal advocate for a broad-based energy strategy, including expanded domestic production and development of America’s oil and natural gas resources in the Outer Continental Shelf.

“The $100-a-barrel oil is being driven by real demand because of global growth. With the demand soaring, we not only have to produce more domestically, we have to be able to import more liquefied natural gas, particularly to maintain our manufacturing base here. Otherwise, we’ll become completely uncompetitive,” Landrieu says. “And we do need to diversify our fuel source, which is why I’m also a huge supporter of trying to convert crops and switchgrass and using by-products of cellulosic fiber, et cetera, for fuel.”

Landrieu also provided a crucial vote last month in the Senate, preventing passage of a $14 billion tax increase on domestic energy producers. In the interview, she explains how critical this issue is to the people and economy of her home state of Louisiana.

The video podcast also features the weekly news round-up and NAM President John Engler’s “The Last Word” commentary, saluting the just-completed Consumer Electronics Show 2008 for stressing the role of free trade in keeping its industry — and American jobs — healthy.

To watch the vodcast, click on the embedded video or head to the NAM’s video page at www.YouTube.com/namvideo. And for the full radio program, please visit www.americasbusiness.org.

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