Vodcast: Rep. John Peterson, NBC’s Rick Cotton

By January 18, 2008America's Business, Energy

This week’s video podcast of “America’s Business with Mike Hambrick” hits the issues of domestic energy production and overseas product piracy with two national leaders in their areas. Rep. John Peterson (R-PA) has fought successfully to expand access to America’s abundant energy resources in the Outer Continental Shelf, but more must be done, he says. The Congessman, who has just announced his retirement at the end of his term, points to high oil costs as a warning sign, especially since they occur at a relatively calm time — absent disruptions from hurricanes or international crises, for example.

NBC’s general counsel, Rick Cotton, issues a call to arms against product counterfeiting and piracy. “This is the new face of organized crime,” he tells host Mike Hambrick. “We are not talking about people in garages – these are committed criminals, with sophisticated production techniques and elaborate distribution networks, who are committed to undercutting many of the most industries in this country.” A broad alliance is organizing against these crooks, The Coalition against Counterfeiting and Piracy.

NAM President John Engler closes with his “Last Word” commentary, applauding the U.S. Supreme Court for its ruling in Stoneridge v. Scientific Atlanta, which prevented a new flood of excessive, anti-business lawsuits.

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