Vodcast: Anticipating the State of the Union

By January 25, 2008America's Business

With the President’s State of the Union just around the corner, this week’s video highlights of “America’s Business with Mike Hambrick” has preview and perspective from Brian Darling, an old Senate hand now a top policy and politics expert at the Heritage Foundation. Darling is a skeptic of stimulus:

“It is feel-good politics in a sense. There is only so much the federal government can do. I think the American people and economists would agree that a better thing to do for the long term would be a tax simplification plan to make our tax code more simple.”

And while Congress is stimulating the economy, Darling warns it could hamper growth with a government-heavy response to global warming.

NAM President John Engler closes with his “The Last Word” commentary, recommending policies for the President’s speech that would strengthen the U.S. manufacturing sector.

The vodcast is available as streaming video. To watch the vodcast online visit www.americasbusiness.org or on the NAM’s YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/namvideo.

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