Vive le France, Maintenant

By January 30, 2008General

Jay Nordlinger reports on remarks at Davos by François Fillon, prime minister of France.

Fillon declares that France has rejoined the world as an economic partner. It is no longer the sick man of Europe; it has overcome a crisis of confidence. And France has learned several lessons. For example, “the corporate world is not the enemy of the wage-earner.” Also, “globalization is not an option but a fact.” Fillon speaks not only of reform, but of a “new state of mind” — attitudes that complement reform.

Even as strikers crippled the movements of the French people, says Fillon, the people stood behind reform. The nation has made a choice “in favor of opening up.”

Addressing the Davos throng, Fillon is proclaiming dynamism, classical liberalism — Reaganism. He says that no one should pay more than 50 percent in income tax. He says that the French must understand that the success of some also helps bring about the success of others.

There are a few supposed capitalists attending the World Economic Forum who would do well to pay attention to M. Fillon.

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