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By January 29, 2008Economy, Trade

Late-evening news releases have a way of slipping into the ozone, the ether, the media miasma, but rather than impose a haphazard system of state-based regulation, we simply bring attention to the statement issued by NAM President John Engler on the State of the Union.

The President is clearly focused on the economy which is very much on everyone’s mind…We are all agreed on the need to keep our economy strong. The bi-partisan $150 billion growth package is a good start. And President Bush emphasized several other issues vital to the economy – among which are energy independence, tax reduction, promoting exports through more Free Trade Agreements and increased reliance on health care information technology.

The focus on clean-coal technology and nuclear energy were also welcome, as was the discussion of Health Savings Accounts. And on taxes …

We are particularly focused on reducing the capital gains and corporate income tax rates, as well as making the R&D tax credit permanent. Also, an enhanced capital-cost recovery system allowing companies to expense capital equipment in the tax year purchased would lower the after-tax cost of investment and provide a powerful incentive to help keep the economy growing.

Also, the previous news release on pro-growth tax propsals.

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