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By January 18, 2008America's Business

Americas-Business-logo.jpgAmerican manufacturers are about to lose a champion in Congress. Six-term Pennsylvania Republican Rep. John Peterson will retire at the end of his term.

Peterson, a guest on this week’s edition of “America’s Business with Mike Hambrick,” has a 100 percent approval rating when it comes to voting on legislation vital to manufacturing.

He is also a leading proponent of opening offshore oil and gas exploration to boost energy supplies, an issue more important than ever considering high prices at the pump.

“We need to open up the Outer Continental Shelf. We need to do coal to liquids, coal to gas, we need to open up more of Alaska,” Peterson says. “We need to do a lot of things because the energy crunch — we have these high numbers without a real crisis in the world.”

Manufacturers are battling an epidemic of counterfeit products on the market, from airplane parts to dog food and razor blades.

Rick Cotton, NBC Universal’s general counsel, will join Mike to discuss what Congress and a group he heads are doing to battle the problem. Cotton leads the Coalition Against Counterfeiting and Piracy, a joint project of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of Manufacturers.

“This is the new face of organized crime,” Cotton says about the problem.

“America’s Business” will also discuss a new report from the Manufacturing Institute and the RSM McGladrey professional services firm that examines how small and medium manufacturers are adapting to a more globalized and integrated supply chain.

And the program will take a special trip to Stride Inc., a New Mexico writing instrument and office products company that is bringing much needed jobs and dignity to disabled people.

In our regular segments, Renee Giachino of America Justice Partnership gives us the latest news on tort reforms while the National Association of Manufacturers’ Hank Cox recalls the “The Way It Was.”

And the NAM President John Engler gives us “The Last Word” when he talks about a favorable Supreme Court decision that will shield businesses from unnecessary lawsuits.

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