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By January 4, 2008America's Business

Americas Business with Mike HambrickWhen it came to international trade, 2007 was a busy year for America.

There was a textile agreement with Mexico in January, a broader deal with South Korea in April, and the year ended on a climatic note when Congress and President Bush approved a trade pact with Peru.

America’s top trade negotiator Susan Schwab, a guest on this week’s “America’s Business with Mike Hambrick,” says things won’t slow down in 2008.

“We have had a big year in trade in 2007 and anticipate an equally busy and productive year in 2008,” U.S. Trade Representative Schwab says.

U.S. trade policy won’t be the only issue “America’s Business” tackles in its first program of 2008. Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, chairman of the National Governors Association, will tell Mike about that group’s push to promote alternative energy sources and clean vehicles.

With oil lately hitting $100 a barrel and gasoline prices rising, Pawlenty says America must develop other energy sources. “Obviously one of the big issues facing our country is how we’re going to continue to access and use energy at an affordable, secure and predictable level,” he says.

Attorney Cleta Mitchell will join Mike to talk about new lobbying reforms that could stymie manufacturers’ ability to connect with lawmakers. And Brian Johnson from the Alliance for Worker Freedom will discuss a new report on how states rate when it comes to worker rights.

This winter is already shaping up to be one of the snowiest in years. All that snow is manna from heaven for snowmobile manufacturers. International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association President Ed Klim will join Mike to talk about rising snowmobile sales in foreign markets such as Russia.

In our regular segments, Renee Giachino of America Justice Partnership gives us the heroes and villains of tort reform battles and the NAM’s Hank Cox recalls the “The Way It Was.”

And the National Association of Manufacturers President John Engler gives us “The Last Word” when he talks about how the bright lights of Broadway could go dark if New York officials succeed in closing the Indian Point nuclear power plant.

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