The World Famous Chungs — Alas!

By January 17, 2008Briefly Legal

Chungs%20in%20Der%20Spiegel3.jpgAmerica’s obsessive litigiousness, the lawsuit lunacy, the abuses and legal perversity — We’re world famous for it. And unfortunately, it’s Washington D.C.’s Chungs who have become the poster children for the torment of the torts.

The inset photo is an excerpt from an article in Der Spiegel’s 2007 “Jahres-Chronik,” the year-end review published by Germany’s largest weekly news magazine. In the section for June, there’s an article about the Chungs, D.C. drycleaners who were sued for $54 million by Administrative Law Judge Roy Pearson for misplacing a pair of suitpants.

Headlined, “At the Cleaners: A War over Pants,” the article describes the outrage in colorful detail, the striving immigrant family from South Korea afflicted by the “hotheaded judge who demanded $1,500 a day for having to suffer the Passion of the Pantless,” and that was just the beginning.

“The Chungs, powerless, faced this other America, cursed by a mad avarice…”

Quite a helpful image for the United States to show to investors, eh?

Unfortunately, the piece stops short, with Pearson supposedly suffering righteous payback, as Judge Judith Bartnoff dismissed his claim and ordered him to pay court costs. But as we know, Pearson will not give up his litigation, even after losing his government job. Yes, tolldreister Abzocker is right.

You can download the full Spiegel story here
as a .pdf file.

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