The Rhetoric of Elected Officials, AKA ‘Wigging Out’

By January 11, 2008Global Warming

California Attorney General Jerry Brown, at yesterday’s “field briefing” organized by Chairman Barbara Boxer of the Environment and Public Works Committee, as reported in The Los Angeles Times:

California Atty. Gen. Jerry Brown, who sued the EPA last week in an effort to overturn the decision, said the agency was delaying the issuing of legal and technical documents to stall court action.

“Subpoena these guys,” he urged Boxer. “Send the marshals out. Get them to tell us under oath. They are not going to get away with this. Sooner or later, we are going to uncover real corruption . . . that is dangerous to California and to the whole world.”

Brown said that the Bush administration may be able to delay court action a year, until the president’s term is over, but that Congress may be able to speed the process. “What you have is a bunch of scofflaws in the White House,” he said. “This fellow Johnson is becoming a stooge in a really pathetic drama that hopefully will not play out much longer.”

We’ll refrain from the usual quip or sarcastic comment here and just say it: This is absolutely unacceptable abuse coming from a public official. We find it hard to believe that a majority of Californians believe that their state elected constitutional officers should be so recklessly charging criminality with no evidence while attacking a federal official as a “stooge in a pathetic drama.”

We’re not surprised, though. The activist left and, alas, some Democratic officials, are creating a political line of attack that seeks to demonize EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson as an evil, deluded or debased actor carrying out the malicious designs of the Bush Administration and the “polluter lobby.” One major, supposedly mainstream environmental organization — Clean Air Watch — has even gone so far as to attack Johnson for being a Christian and speaking publically about his faith.

Hysterical charges, ugly name-calling, religious bigotry — the hallmarks of political rhetoric from the environmental left and their political allies. No matter how common, it’s unacceptable.

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  • Carter Wood says:

    We publish the above comment under no illusion that it’s the real AG Jerry Brown. Pseudonyms, noms de guerre and anonymous comments are OK on this blog as long as they’re not personal or profane.

  • jerry brown says:

    The EPA has illegally denied California’s request to set tailpipe emission standards for greenhouse gasses. It also has failed to set standards for planes and ships which are major contributors to the buildup of greenhouse gasses. California and 15 other states want to take action. The EPA is being grossly irresponsible in blocking these efforts. The result will be much more expensive mitigation when the federal government finally relents. Under these circumstances, my comments are right on the mark. Mr. Johnson, the EPA administrator, is doing the nation great harm and should be called to account.

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