The President at Robinson Helicopter

By January 30, 2008Taxation

From President Bush’s remarks today at Robinson Helicopter, Torrance, CA.

Now, people in our country — let’s be perfectly frank about it, you hear them say trade isn’t any good; it doesn’t help. If I were a worker at Robinson, I’d be arguing against that. You’ve got good jobs here. People are working, and 70 percent of what you make gets sold overseas. So you can’t tell the people at Robinson Helicopter that trade isn’t good. When 70 percent of that which you manufacture gets sold somewhere else other than the United States, they ought to have a sign walking in here and say, trade is not only good, it is great; and we want the federal government to make it easier for us to sell products.

Good VOA report.

UPDATE (6:25 p.m.) Governor Schwarzenegger reinforced the trade and economic-growth message. Very good.

And excellent video of the event at the Governor’s webpage.

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  • Joe says:

    Why not ask a few thousand textile mill workers their thoughts on free trade? How about a few hundred tool and die shops that have closed? Machine shops, lathe houses, plastic injection molders? Selective visit to say the least.

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