The President at a Manufacturing Facility

By January 22, 2008General

President Bush often visits manufacturing facilities during his travels; production lines do make for good backdrops, that’s for sure. His most recent trip made in conjunction with an economic message didn’t get too much media coverage (it was, after all, a Friday afternoon), so we bring it to your attention.

Bush visited Wright Manufacturing, Inc. in Frederick, Maryland, a manufacturer of commercial lawnmowers, including riding mowers that you operate while standing, i.e., The Stander, that President Bush took for a spin. Bill Wright, founder and CEO, provided the tour.

THE PRESIDENT: Let me tell you why I’m here. This man started his own business. He’s a manufacturer, he employs over a hundred people, and he represents the backbone of the American economy. And today I talked about our economy, and the fundamentals are strong, but there’s uncertainty. And there’s an opportunity to work with Congress to pass a pro-growth package that will deal with the uncertainty.

Any package has got to remember that jobs are created by small businesses. A good package will have incentives for investment. The package we passed early in my administration helped him. He bought some equipment and made his firm more productive, kept him in business. And that’s the same spirit that needs to be in this next growth package.

Thanks for keeping manufacturing front and center and standing, Mr. President.

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