Strange Fascination: Candidate Voting Records

By January 9, 2008General

change%20machine.jpgWith the New Hampshire primary now behind us, it seems timely to visit the voting records of the remaining presidential candidates as reported by the NAM’s Official Voting Record.

To be sure, this exercise is incomplete. Governors — Huckabee, Romney, Bill Richardson — and Mayor Giuliani did not vote on policies the National Association of Manufacturers included in its congressional ratings.

But we can get a sense of the records for the other candidates on policy issues identified as important to manufacturers, the presidential hopefuls serve or have served in Congress. The representative votes are chosen by the NAM’s Key Vote Advisory Committee, representing association members. (Details on the process here.)

For the full records, including descriptions of each vote, please go to the Online Voting Record page.

109th Congress — 2005-2006

Sen. Hillary Clinton — 16 percent
Sen. Barack Obama — 16 percent
Sen. John McCain — 63 percent

108th Congress — 2003-2004

Sen. Hillary Clinton — 32 percent
Sen. John McCain — 41 percent
Sen. John Edwards — 8 percent

107th Congress — 2001-2002

Sen. Hillary Clinton — 6 percent
Sen. John McCain — 63 percent
Sen. John Edwards — 6 percent
Sen. Fred Thompson — 94 percent

Ron Paul recorded a 45 percent rating in the 109th Congress, a 58 percent rating in the 108th, and 63 percent in the 107th.

We trust the candidates are not immune to your consultations.

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