So Far, the Media Handle ACLU Survey Pretty Well

By January 23, 2008Briefly Legal, Communications

As noted below (here and here), the American Civil Liberties Union has been promoting a public opinion survey to press its opposition to renewing foreign surveillance law. The get-the-answers-you-pay-for poll by the Mellman Group is part of an aggressive PR strategy that includes a letter from a bunch of like-minded anti-surveillance groups to Majority Leader Reid, a teleconference, and anti-Bush radio ads. Whew, somebody has a budget.

We’ve been pleasantly surprised that none of the major media appear to have cited the poll. So far. You’ve got CNSNews, which strives for accuracy and fairness but is certainly not a major outlet, and the usual engorged Administration critics like the Daily Kos, but otherwise …nada. Apparently slanting a poll so obviously really does damage its credibililty.

Anyway, we kick the media around here a fair amount for bias, so here’s a word of praise for applying their critical faculties.

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