Setting the Day’s Debate on Stimulus

By January 24, 2008Economy, Taxation

Stories cited on C-SPAN for NAM’s Vice President Jay Timmons’ appearance, on now.

From the AP:

WASHINGTON (AP) — House Democratic and Republican leaders are looking for imminent agreement with the White House on an emergency package to jolt the economy out of its slump after negotiators on all sides made significant concessions at a late-night bargaining session. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi agreed to drop increases in food stamp and unemployment benefits during the Wednesday meeting in exchange for gaining a rebates of at least $300 for each person earning a paycheck, including low-income earners who make too little to pay income taxes.

New York Times:

WASHINGTON — Congressional leaders and the Bush administration were close to reaching a deal on a $145 billion economic stimulus package on Wednesday night as the Treasury Department crunched the numbers on components of the plan, senior House officials said.

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