Senate Hearing on California and EPA Waiver

By January 24, 2008Global Warming

The Senate Environment and Public Works Committee is set to begin a hearing at 10 a.m. on the EPA declining California’s request for a waiver so the state could regulate vehicle emissions for carbon dioxide. EPA Administrator Stephen L. Johnson is scheduled to testify.

Along with the considerable policy implications — the EPA decision was entirely correct — we’re also interested in the hearing as a matter of politics and propriety. A week ago, Chairwoman Barbara Boxer held a “field briefing” in Los Angeles, a partisan but taxpayer-funded media stunt that turned abusive toward Johnson and the Administration, with claims of cover-ups and corruption and the like. We wrote about this show trial in absentia here and here.

So, we’re curious: Will the overheated, personal rhetoric turn up here at the Capitol, when Administrator Johnson is there to respond? In which case, we’ll learn that it’s politics, not policy, that’s driving the debate.

UPDATE The hearing’s on C-SPAN. Senator Boxer’s opening statement so far is, yes, overheated — and misleading about her request for the documents. Expect more heat than light.

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