Palmetto Primary Palaver: Stay on Manufacturing

By January 16, 2008Economy, Energy, Trade

Thanks to the Michigan primary (for the Republicans at least), this last week has seen extensive discussions of the U.S. manufacturing economy, its strengths, weaknesses and strategies for expanding it.

To the candidates of both parties, we say: Keep at it. The vitality of America’s manufacturing sector remains a critical topic, no matter which state you’re campaigning in.

Consider South Carolina: Manufacturing represents 17.6 percent of the state’s gross product, compared to Michigan’s 17.9 percent. Manufacturing directly employs 244,500 people in South Carolina, producing $26.3 billion in wealth in 2006.

South Carolina IS a manufacturing state, so candidates, keep talking about the manufacturing economy. (And for those tempted to bash trade, please note this: South Carolina manufacturers in 2005 exported $13.5 billion of the $13.9 billion in total goods, or 97 percent of exports. Nearly 40 percent of South Carolina’s exports go to neighboring NAFTA countries.)

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