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By January 2, 2008Briefly Legal

The ABA Journal is running an online election/selection/contest/promotion for best law-related blogs, and the deadline for voting is today. There are lots of very informative and entertaining law blogs out there, indeed, more worthy candidates than the Iowa caucuses (times 10?).

In any case, if you have a moment, please cast a vote for Overlawyered.com as the best general law blog. Walter Olson and his colleagues turn out a steady flow of high-quality, informative commentary about the latest abuse from the plaintiff’s bar, the U.S. civil justice system, and the demand for tort reform. It’s one of our daily reads.

Walter asks for support in this post. We’re happy to help.

Go here to cast your vote.

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  • Laura says:

    Mr. Wood — I noticed recently that you had a post (or 2, I think) about Robert Zubrin’s new book Energy Victory. I read it and found it laid out a rather compelling free market-based approach to dealing with several critical problems the country faces. So I thought readers of Shopfloor might find interesting a podcast interview he did with Glenn Reynolds that I found posted today on instapundit.com (also on pajamasmedia.com) — it pretty much covers the whole Zubrin thesis, which does seem to be generating quite a bit of interest (it did get self-professed libertarian Reynolds quite excited). The book also has a website at energyvictory.net. Thanks — just thought this may be of interest.

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