Opposition to EPA Ozone Proposal Growing

By January 8, 2008Global Warming

Opposition to EPA’s proposed ozone rule is growing in America’s heartland. A key Nebraska business group says they want EPA to scuttle the plan.

The Nebraska Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Barry Kennedy urged EPA to keep its current ozone standard, which has help clear smog from American skies.

There is no scientific evidence a more stringent ozone standard would improve the nation’s health, the Nebraska group said. And Nebraska’s economy would take a major hit if EPA adopts “the most aggressive” ozone option in its proposal,
Kennedy said.

“The proposed rule would mark the first time that Nebraska counties would be in violation of the ozone standard,” Kennedy said in a letter to EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson. “This would serve as a significant obstacle to future economic growth.”

To read Johnson’s letter in full, click here.

Existing regulations have already slashed national ozone levels by 21% between 1980 and 2006. We should be patient and give these regulations more time to work.

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