Manufacturing: A People Business

By January 2, 2008General

The Tulsa World profiles three movers and shakers, including Cheryl Hill, owner of Hill Manufacturing in Broken Arrow, OK. It’s a machinining operation, serving the oil industry and increasingly aerospace, while Hill Equipment markets the Marshall Tree Saw.

Lots of good talk about adapting to the changing marketplace, but Hill acknowledges that the lack of skilled workers is a problem.

The technical demands of modern manufacturing, coupled with a stigma attached to manufacturing jobs, make it increasingly difficult to find qualified workers.

“Teachers, counselors and parents are not telling young people to go into manufacturing,” Hill said. “There is this perception that manufacturing work is dirty, greasy, not safe. You walk through my shop and you see the place is spotless. Nobody is standing in chips up to their knees.”

Hill is an advocate of the Manufacturing Institute’s “Dream It! Do It!’ camaign, meant to address those erroneous perceptions.

Good piece.

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