Malpractice Reforms Bring Balance to Health Care

By January 25, 2008Briefly Legal, Health Care

From The Associated Press:

COLUMBUS, Ohio — A new report says the number of medical malpractice claims in Ohio dropped 20 percent from 2005 to 2006.

The report released Tuesday by the Ohio Department of Insurance says there were 4,006 medical malpractice claims reported for 2006, compared with 5,051 for 2005.

The department attributed the drop to changes made by lawmakers five years ago as they tried to deal with growing concern about the number of claims and the size of jury verdicts.

Some of those changes included caps on the amount of money injured patients could receive for pain-and-suffering, and attempts to restrict so-called frivolous lawsuits against doctors.

The press release from the department’s director, Mary Jo Hudson, is pretty oblique, really, obscuring malpractice reform’s clear contribution to curbing jackpot justice. Political spin, most likely. (Full report here.)

The legal climate is definitely improving in Ohio. Last month the Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of caps on damages, reforms enacted by the Legislature.

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