Letting the Religious Slur Stand

By January 7, 2008General

Frank O’Donnell, president of Clean Air Watch, reacts to our condemnation of his religiously bigoted attack against EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson by attacking us, too.

Polluter lobby attacks Clean Air Watch
The polluter lobby is rising in defense of the hypocritical head of the EPA:


This crowd has been working hard to influence the next big decision due from EPA: national health standards for ozone, or smog.

posted by Frank O’Donnell, Clean Air Watch at 9:23 AM

Darn right we’re sticking up for Johnson. Having your faith attacked because you made a reasonable policy and regulatory decision is beyond the pale. It’s bigotry plain and simple, but apparently O’Donnell deems it acceptable discourse.

We suspect Johnson is coming in for these especially ugly attacks because, as a scientist and former EPA career staffer, he’s an apostate in the eyes of the environmental movement. EPA career employees are generally seen as pretty green, a natural-enough bias given their career choice and professional cohort. That’s why agency control by elected officials, who can better weigh policy choices, is so important.

By rejecting the staff’s recommendation for California’s waiver request to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles, Johnson repudiated his former colleagues and their world views (or so it seems to them). Since critics like O’Donnell cannot accept that one of their own would betray them so, Johnson must be cast out, scorned, attacked as evil incarnate.

Thank goodness the environmentalists are so opposed to fire. Otherwise, they’d be building pyres right now.

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