John Engler Video Message on Stoneridge Decision

By January 15, 2008Briefly Legal

NAM President and CEO John Engler:

The United State Supreme Court came down with an important decision today to limit liability. It was a case where the National Association of Manufacturers had filed a brief and argued there shouldn’t be liability attached in these complex cases where companies in a third-party role aren’t directly at fault.

The court chose not to expand and create a new right of action, a new reason to have a lawsuit at a time when America’s drowning in lawsuits. So for companies what this means is the saving of millions of dollars in legal costs and the preservation of thousands of jobs at a time when our economy desperately needs that.

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  • Mr. Nye says:

    This decision means that the lieing accountants and lawyers who participate in the fraud will not be held responsible for participating the fraud. It is a culmination of Bush economics where the few rich rob the many investors. God Bless America, and God Bless Our fraudulant Bush appointment Supreme Court…The end must be near.
    Gov. Engler, look what you have left for Michigan, unemployment for the many and the rich get richer. You are truely the problem.

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