I am Robot, Hear Me Roar

By January 10, 2008Culture and Entertainment

gibson.jpgGibson, the guitar maker, has a really smart marketing campaign under way promoting its new self-tuning instrument, the Gibson Robot Guitar, a new version of the classic Les Paul instrument. As the MusiciansFriend catalog blurb describes it:

Gibson’s Robot Guitar is the world’s first guitar with robotic technology. You don’t have to tune up your car ever time you drive it. Now you don’t have to tune up your guitar every time you play it, the Robot Guitar does it for you. Just plug it in, dial in the tuning, strum the strings, and then play….[snip]

To tune itself, the Robot Guitar uses an on-board central processing unit (CPU) that analyzes the pitch of each string as detected by a Tune-Control bridge. Tuning information from the CPU is relayed to the motorized tuning machines that efficiently adjust each string to the correct pitch with a distinctive whirring sound that lets you know Robot Guitar is on the job.

What’s next, though? The Sound Check Robot Guy?

“Check, check, one, two, check…” whirrrrr…. “Check, check.”

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  • Jim Evans says:

    You are wasting our time and our money. I predict that this thing will fall on its face.

    Jim Evans

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