Hope this TV Show is Soon Pushing Daisies

By January 31, 2008Culture and Entertainment

From Tom Shales, the Washington Post’s television critic, writing on a new series — ‘Eli Stone’: No Seer, But No Rerun Either — premiering tonight on ABC.

It’s not at all encouraging that a future episode deals, like the pilot, with a negligent corporation, this one manufacturing poisonous pesticide. What’s this going to be, Bad Company of the Week? That could get tired quickly, though yet another future episode begins with Miller’s voice saying, “This story’s different.” We shall see.

It got tired years and years ago, Mr. Shales. Nevertheless, “Eli Stone” apparently wants to give “Law and Order” a run for its anti-capitalist money. Although…L&O last night eschewed its usual bashing of business and executives to rip a story from the headlines about Senator Craig and Norman Hsu (separate story lines). Surpisingly not awful.

Our friends at the American Tort Reform Association also knocked “Eli Stone” around for irresponsibly reinforcing the claim that measles vaccines lead to autisim. ATRA’s Sherman Joyce:

Leaving Hollywood’s hallucinations aside, the premier episode of Eli Stone reportedly features a lawsuit that alleges a link between a child’s autism and a preservative in certain childhood vaccines. Never mind that a growing body of medical research and most public health organizations insist no such link exists. So long as it makes for good drama and good ratings, who cares if parents might be misled into believing that getting their kids vaccinated is a bad idea?

The problem with screenwriters, seems to us, is the same problem that afflicts so many elected officials. They come straight out of college, surrounded by like-minded people, and drop right into hermetic Hollywood — or the government, in the case of pols — never encountering the real world of the private sector, where companies supply needed goods and services, bosses try to do right by their employees, people work hard, and the last thing on anybody’s mind is trying to screw the little guy.

P.S. How soon does John Edwards land a cameo role in one of the legal dramas/comedies? Guessing “The Practice.”

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  • Jack Cassidy says:

    This was obviously the Norman Hsu story but they left out the warning to Hillary. I sent four e-mails to Samantha Wolf, West Coast Director of Finance for the Clinton Campaign, asking “is this the same man?” I never received any response to my inquiries but Wolf did respond to the Executive Director of The Orange County Democratic Party claiming “I can assure you with 100% certainty Norman Hsu is not running a Ponzi scheme in Orange County, he is completely legit”. Hsu took Joel Rosenman in NY for $40 million and Martin Waters in OC for $23. I started the warning in June. The ship did not hit the sand until September.
    The Clinton Campaign still has not contacted me about what tipped me off. Are they really trying to run a tight ship?
    I contacted Mark Pryor, Senator from Arkansas, three times to have his brother David Pryor Jr. deliver the warning to Hillary. In my warning I explained, “It’s better that this get to Hillary from a family friend rather than Rush Limbaugh or Mart Drudge”.

    Google in pairs
    Norman Hsu Shrimp Boy Chow
    Norman Hsu Bernard Schwartz
    Norman Hsu Janet Reno
    Norman Hsu Patrick Kennedy
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    Hillary Irvine Businessman

    From Sesame Street, which one does not belong with the other?

    The Irvine Businessman

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