Governor Jindal on Workforce

By January 14, 2008Education and Training

Congratulations to Louisiana’s new governor, Bobby Jindal, who was just sworn in on the steps of the Capitol in Baton Rouge. In his well-delivered and refreshingly short inaugural address, Jindal made a few points that augurs well for the state’s future, emphasizing the needs for a skilled workforce and a belief that Louisiana should welcome business.

For too long our regulations and burdensome taxes have driven away job-makers instead of attracting them. Our workforce training has stayed grounded in the economy of a century now past.

That too must change.

We have great workers. With a great work ethic that is part of our culture. It is time for state government to catch up … so that there is no weak link in our appeal to employers looking to grow.

I will ask our legislature this year to re-orient our workforce training to meet the challenges and skills required by the global economy.

And our administration will streamline its demands of job-makers. Our message will be clear … if you want to grow your company, Louisiana wants to grow with you.

With a guarantee that state government will be your ally … and that our workers will be ready to do your high-skill jobs on their very first day.

What a great message to start an administration with. Congratulations and best of luck, Governor.

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