Global Cooling Under Way

By January 3, 2008Global Warming

Snow in Daytona Beach. (Drudge)

And from the Register-Guard, Eugene, Oregon: Clouds, cool days marked 2007 weather. Indeed, the lowest average temperature in Eugene since 1993.

It’s warm in Bismarck, though:

Currently: 24˚ F
Feels Like: 24˚ F
Current conditions: Mostly Cloudy
Sunrise: 8:28 AM.
Sunset: 5:07 PM.

UPDATE (5:45 p.m.) Wow. We only scratched the surface hoarfrost of this issue. The most-dependable Tim Blair has more:

I haven’t seen An Inconvenient Truth,” writes Lee M., “but I love its theme song.” Hum along during this globe-rending warmenist update:

All of Florida frozen;

• Extreme cold alert for Toronto;

• Washington man killed by four feet of warming;

• And record snow in New Hampshire:

It might be an “inconvenient truth” for global warming hysteria preachers like Al Gore but it’s perfect timing for the primaries! Today the Associated Press is reporting that the National Weather Service recorded 44.5” of December snow in New Hampshire—the most snow they’ve received (in December) in over 100 years!

Makes you wish Al Gore was running, doesn’t it?

UPDATE (8 a.m. Friday): Judging by the comment below, we’ll have to make the point more simply: The media love stories about heat waves, unusual temperature spikes, warm spells and feverish Fridays. Ah, global warming! Well, bunk. Weather is not climate. For every story about hot periods, twisted to fit the storyline, you can find one about unusual coolness. But those seem not to be sewn into the bigger “global warming” narrative. The end result is a misleading and dishonest presentation of climate issues.

Which we mock.

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  • Meteor Blades says:

    Perhaps if the dependable Tim Blair actually knew something about global warming, he wouldn’t consider record snowstorms (and, in some places, record rainfall) all that incongruous with the changes going on in earth’s climate. But, hey, keep on spouting these yuk-yuks as if they were amulets against what’s coming if we don’t change the way we do things. They will work as well as crossing your fingers to keep you from getting pregnant.

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