From Davos, Some Sensible Observations

By January 25, 2008Economy

Jay Nordlinger, the National Review editor, climbs the magic mountain to the the World Economic Forum in Davos every year, providing big-picture reports full of telling details. Wonderful stuff, humorous and humane. From his latest:

Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum, welcomes his guests, in the Plenary Hall of the Congress Center. He is, as usual, dignified, diplomatic, warm: perfect in his role. He advises the audience not to fall into “doom and gloom,” where economies are concerned. Irrational exuberance may have been wrong; but “irrational pessimism” is wrong, too. Besides, the Davos-goers are supposed to be entrepreneurs, many of them — and entrepreneurs are seizers-of-opportunities, problem-solvers, and workers-out. Get to it.

A vast, worldwide YouTube audience has been asked what it would like to see come out of Davos. And a video has been made showing various responses, from a wildly various group of people. Very, very charming. YouTube is a wonder of the modern age, isn’t it? “You oughta be in pictures,” went the old song. Now everybody is.

His chronicles are archived here.

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