‘Field Hearing’ — A Reasonable Report

By January 11, 2008Global Warming

The AP also handled yesterday’s “field hearing” by Chairman Barbara Boxer of the Environment and Public Works Committee as a spot news story — which it was, really — but in doing so, managed to cut to the chase by omitting most of the canards in the attacks against the EPA. The story also at least more correctly characterized the EPA’s arguments than the L.A. Times story we noted below:

EPA Administrator Stephen L. Johnson last month rejected the state’s arguments that it faced unique threats from climate change. The federal government has a national plan to raise fuel economy standards that would be more effective than a patchwork of state regulations, Johnson said then.


The EPA said it would turn over all documents about its decision, but Boxer’s committee was unable to get the paperwork in time for Thursday’s hearing.

Boxer’s props, the empty box and empty chairs, did get the sought-for attention.

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