Energy: Speaking of Getting Real

By January 15, 2008Energy

Oil and natural gas are to be had in the Gulf of Mexico, and there are vast energy resources in shale formations in the U.S. West, Mark Singletary, publisher of New Orleans City Business reminds readers in a column, “Idiotic U.S. policy muddies answers to energy crisis.”

We don’t mine and use the natural resources under our nearby oceans because of domestic public policy that limits oil and gas exploration to less than 15 percent of the available geography.

Meanwhile, we are inundated with political rhetoric that decries and denounces our dependence on foreign oil.

As we who live here along the Gulf Coast know, plenty of oil and gas lies beneath the waters off our coasts. The oil and gas reserves along the Louisiana coast have provided energy for our nation for more than half a century. In that time, especially in the early days of exploration and production, we gave up access and control of our protective coast.

Yet the crafters of our domestic energy policies refuse to consider opening these vast untapped reservoirs of energy for U.S. use.

We’ve said it before: Any politician that demands “energy independence” while blocking the development of the kind of domestic resources noted by Singletary is not being serious.

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