Empty Boxes Made of Ticky Tacky

By January 14, 2008Global Warming

Carl Pope, executive director of the Sierra Club, testified Friday at the “field briefing” of the Senate Environment and Public Works called by Senator Barbara Boxer, one of the one-sided slate of witnesses who condemned the EPA for rejecting California’s request for a waiver so it could regulate vehicle emissions for carbon dioxide. As we observed last week, the briefing was a PR stunt, a political set-up full of props and abusive rhetoric, all part of a long-term strategy of demonizing EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson.

Mr. Pope liked the props.

Los Angeles, CA — Well, the chair set aside for EPA Administrator Steve Johnson is empty at Senator Barbara Boxer’s hearing here on EPA’s decision to deny California the right to implement its pioneering carbon dioxide air pollution standards for vehicles. I’m seated next to the empty chair, almost as if I were Johnson’s staff support. I’m glad I’m not.

Oh, yeah, the empty chair debate.

That’s original.

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